Funny Jokes

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1. What is the weight of the earth?

A woman teacher in a primary school.
And she asked the children, ”Have you got any questions?
One small boy stood and he said, ”I have one question and I have been waiting – whenever you ask I will ask: what is the weight of the whole earth?”
She became disturbed because she has never thought about it, never read about it. What is the weight of the whole earth? So she played a trick that teachers know. They have to play tricks.
She said,Yes, the question is significant. Now tomorrow, everybody has to find the answer.”
She needed time. ”So tomorrow I will ask the question. Whoever brings the right answer there will be a present for him.”
All the children searched and searched, but they couldn’t find it. And the teacher ran to the library. The whole night she searched, and only just by the morning, she could find the weight of the earth. She was very happy. And she came back to school, and the children were there. And the children were exhausted.
They said they couldn’t find it.We asked Mom and we asked Dad and we asked everybody. Nobody knows. This question seems to be so difficult,”
The teacher laughed and she said,This is not difficult. I know the answer, but I was just trying whether you could find it out or not. This is the weight of the earth…
That small child who had raised the question, stood again, and he said,With people or without?

2. Family Harassement

Husband says to councilor: ” I am married for 17 years. whenever we quarrel, my wife calls her brother from Bombay, who comes by next flight, punches me black and blue, and flies back. My wife pays for the tickets using my credit card. Please help me”

Councilor: “I am very sorry to know your situation. In today’s world, this has become quite common for most of us. Best is for you to shift to Bombay so that you can at least save the airfares.”

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