10 simple tips to practice yoga at home

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Do you want to learn something new? Do you want to improve your health? Are you stressed from your work? Are you finding difficulty to focus on your work?

For all these problems yoga can be a solution. Yoga is not a rocket science, but it is a simple way of transforming your health, habits and life. If you don’t have any basic knowledge about yoga postures then, you can start practicing yoga just by following some good YouTube yoga videos. One of the basic yoga posture that every yoga students should learn is Suryanamskar(Sun Salutations). This would be sufficient to start your journey of yoga. Below are the simple 10 tips to start your suryanamskar practice.

Know the yoga postures correctly by sequence.

Before starting your regular practice, know each and every posture correctly. Each step and sequence should be followed accurately. It is always suggested that you learn the basics of yoga from some yoga teachers. But if you can not spend hundreds of dollars for learning these yoga postures, you can use the freely available yoga videos in YouTube. Find the best one and learn the postures correctly. The best posture to start your yoga journey would be with Surya Namaskar.

Choose a comfortable place and time

Find a comfortable place with proper air circulation throughout the room, if you can practice in the garden that would better because the fresh air would boost your energy and being to a whole new level. You may need one yoga mat or a normal thick mat would also serve the purpose. Make sure that the place is not slippery.

For doing yoga the very appropriate time is Brahma Murat early in the morning from 5 to 6.30 AM. If you are not able to wake up at that time then you can practice at any time after you wake up or during the evening.

Don’t eat too much just before doing yoga

Make sure that you don’t practice yoga after full stomach meals. At least there should be 3 to 4 hours of gap after having food. If you practice yoga after taking food, it would impact your digestion, you may even get a vomiting sensation while doing some posture.

Try to wear loose and comfortable dress.

The important thing regarding the yoga dress is, the dress should allow your sweat to go out easily from the body. It is always suggested to wear a loose and comfortable cotton dress. The dress should not be fit and tight creating stress in your body. There are many yoga fits available in the market. You can try whichever suits you the best

Do some warm up exercise before starting the practice.

Don’t directly jump to start doing yoga postures, instead start with 10 mins of warmup which includes joint rotations, and stretching exercises that would help your body to go ahead with yoga practice.

If you start yoga practices without warm up, it may lead to muscle cramps and sprains. It is always suggested to loosen and stretch your muscles before the practice.

Yoga is not a gym workout, it must be done in harmony with mind and body

Please keep in mind that yoga is not a gym workout. Yoga should not be done excessively in just one day. Yoga is not a harder workout but it has to be done in harmony with your mind and body. The focus is not just on doing posture, but it should also be on the balance of mind and body. You should not give overstress to the body.

Continuity is key to success

Usually, many of my friends start doing yoga with a lot of enthusiasm initially. They start doing 2 hours a day morning and evening. Later after one week or 10 days, they lose the motivation and stop it. If you have planned for 2 hours a day for 7 days then totally for a week you would be doing 14hours of yoga. Instead of doing yoga 14 hours stretched through the week, you can practice the 14 hours of yoga for 40 days by practicing just 20 to 25 minutes a day. Intense yoga of 20 minutes for the continued duration is more beneficial than 2 hours of yoga for 7 days. So make a change with a plan.

Breathing is the key

Yoga is not just about doing various difficult postures, but the main ingredient is breathing. If you are not able to synchronize your breathing with every movement then you have to learn that from somebody. Without proper breathing during posture would not create a cycle of prana. If you are able to control and do the proper breathing during every movement of postures then it would become an easy step to enter into pranayama.

Target for number of cycles

Instead of doing 100 yoga asanas randomly, learn one asana and gain mastery over it. Practice for quite a long time. If you are practicing suryanamaskar keep a target of doing it for at least 21 cycles which would take just around 15mins.

Use the music to get a flow while doing yoga

Last but not least thing, if you feel bored doing yoga, or having less enthusiasm to practice yoga then try some Indian melodious instrumental music or Surya mantra chanting to start your journey with yoga Keep doing yoga, stay healthy, stay fit.

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